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1924 Como Lake Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3J 3P8

(604) 936-1535

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  • Ronda ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    2013-12-21 15:31:22 #chinese

    Poor........good shops.....Zhous Chinese is my favorite....I never drive there unless needed. Parking lot is line

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    1. Fair
      Every other shopping center list the stores on their website except this one. Don't try to park in their lot.

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      1. Kiev ★★ Fair 2 out of 5

        2013-11-04 12:14:20

        The parking lot is a joke. Was designed by a 5 year old or someone who has never driven a car.

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        1. vestra ★ Poor 1 out of 5

          2013-08-19 16:52:56

          couldn't agree more with previous reviews ..... the parking lot is horrendous and I avoid unless absolutely no other choice (of which there are lots!) Rated #1???? where would that come from? the new grocery store that replaced the original store that had been there for 40 - 50 years is horrible; I asked the butcher for a particular cut of meat, he said he didn't have the client base to provide such options and I said well the store that was taken out offered it so obviously there was demand for it then; he just shrugged his shoulders, basically saying too bad!

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          1. Popocat ★ Poor 1 out of 5

            2013-07-05 18:33:56 #time


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            1. Strada ★ Poor 1 out of 5

              2013-05-03 07:33:08

              in response to: The parking lot is a joke , ...

              Whoever designed this parking lot is an imbecile and the landlord is highly irresponsible not to take steps to correct the obvious deficiencies. Notice to the good merchants of the Village: I shop at your business less because of the hazards posed by the lot.

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              1. promontorium ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                2012-11-16 21:19:23

                I was very disappointed in the service I received today. I was in to purchase transit tickets today and asked the clerk for 3 Zone Adult Faresavers. Being in a bit of a rush, I neglected to check until I got home a little later, only to find they were 2 Zone, instead of 3. I returned to the store, when I was told they cannot reimburse you for faresavers, even though I was getting the more costly faresavers in their place, and it was the clerk's mistake to begin with. The clerk told me I would need to contact transit to see if they would reimburse me - or to just add the difference to the fare, however, did not offer to speak with the Manager of Customer Service to see if they could make some kind of exception. This disappointed me as I have been a loyal customer for nearly 20 years at this location and know a lot of the staff that have been working there over these many years. I realize Transit Faresavers are a convenience for your store to sell, however, feel that as I was purchasing the higher faresaver, this would not have been any loss to yourselves. So you transit riders, be aware, Shoppers will not reimburse you if you purchase incorrect faresavers, be it your mistake OR THEIRS.

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                1. Cegep ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                  2012-10-22 16:08:28 #friday

                  in response to: The parking lot is a joke , ...


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                  1. in response to: horrendous parking lot . They could have ...

                    This Shopping Mall has been great over the years but, with the way the parking lot has been re-done it is absolutely disgusting and I tend not to got there any more. Too bad.

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                    1. Crawford ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                      2012-03-21 22:15:21

                      The parking lot is a joke, so many dinged up cars because the parking spaces are so close together and no room to maneuver.

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                      1. ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON AROUND 3 : 30 I HAD MY NEW VEHICLE ... »more
                      2. Whoever designed this parking lot is an imbecile and the landlord ... »more
                    2. I drive a Honda Civic, and I find it difficult to drive in that parking lot. My friend has a CRV and that too is hard to drive, and dont get me started on my Dad's truck and my moms mini van. Pretty much any size car is impossible to drive in that parking lot without driving over a curb or nearly nicking somebody elses car. Get rid of the trees and stupid cement dividers and the parking lot would be fine.

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                      1. RINSED ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                        2011-08-15 16:06:14

                        I no longer shop there, once they took away my back lane access. I go to coquitlam centre and thrifty's.

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                        1. Please Build a TIM HORTONS DRIVE THRU at the Old Shell Gas Station Site that is currently been torn down!! There are No tim hortons On this Coquitlam Plateau! It would be a GREAT Location for one o)

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                          1. Fud ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                            2011-05-31 11:43:32 #shopping

                            Como Lake shopping center is a joke. NoFrills is a horrible place to shop and I so do miss the veggie store they had. They have added so many new stores it is horrible. I liked the dollar store when it first opened as they seem so nice and friendly and their prices were good but now it seems like they are pushing people through the lines with out having great customer service.The one lady lady there with glasses and blonde hair is the worst.She would sooner get you through the line, close out her till and walk away before your even gone.I find they are getting more expensive with their items. Oh and never mind Shopper's as it is a constant wait.They need to hire more staff.
                            At least Como Lake Village has still kept the Vets hospital,barber shop, hair salon and the bakery.

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                            1. como lake shopping centre is a joke for parking. This needs to be taken down and they need to build a normal parking lot for cars to be able to drive around and park. I no longer go there to shop as it is very hard to maneuver around the parking lot. I scraped up my car when I was up there as I could not get out of the parking lot and it brought me close to the concrete barriers. Whoever designed this I hope is not doing any other designs as you have no knowledge for designing.

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                              1. Leepers ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                2010-09-23 14:12:14 #fruit

                                The parking lot is a nightmare, and why plant those poor fescue grasses right beside the curb? Where else is one going to step with those little parking spaces but on those poor plants?? The one garden bed by the fruit and veggie shop has the sprinkler going continuously and it is a big puddle of mud. Who oever designed this lot and landscaped it should be run out of town!!! Waste of money.

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                                1. Matsubishi ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                  2010-09-18 17:17:09

                                  I no longer shop at the Como Lake Mall. The parking lot is poorly designed and is at times dangerous to drive or walk through.

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                                  1. I love the tropical oasis tan and spa carol the esthetician is the the best.

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                                    1. Emco ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                      2010-09-08 01:05:17 #new

                                      i miss the super-valu! whoever designed the parking lot must have worked at the bumper cars at the p.n.e when they were youths! i like the new asphalt, the lighting is great! but, the concrete curbs and other improvements are awful! had my first accident last month. driver rear ended my car while she was backing out. poor visibility and very tight corners!

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                                      1. Barbs ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                        2010-09-05 05:42:12 #local

                                        The guy who designed the parking lot must own shares in a local body shop. I like the new no-frills but not enough to endure the parking except in an emergency.

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                                        1. Bouchees ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                          2010-08-22 03:11:29

                                          This parking lot is not Handicap, public or car/truck parking stall friendly!

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                                          1. Legendre ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                            2010-07-23 09:00:49 #beef

                                            Absolutely horrible parking lot. Both my vehicles are difficult to maneuver in there. I drive a large Dodge pickup and usually have no problem parking it. However, this lot has way too many 'small car' parking spaces and the 'big car' spaces are only big enough to fit a sedan. The trees among the parking spots are nice, but why make the concrete base for the trees diagonal? And why make them jut into the parking space?? It just makes the space shorter!! My other beef is with the speed bumps in front of the No Frills. They're too high for my motorcycle! I always have to go over them super slow on my bike or I bottom out on them! Worst of all, most speed bumps put in place have at least a small slot where someone on a motorcycle like myself can just slip through without damaging our bike, but they've made them completely solid from end to end. Sorry for the long rant but it's very very annoying!! Who do we complain to? City of Coquitlam?

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                                            1. Have been shopping at Como Lake Village Shopping Centre for twenty years... now I only go there on a week day early in the a.m. to do my banking because the place is a disaster for driving and parking !!

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                                              1. Moine ★★ Fair 2 out of 5

                                                2010-05-10 20:04:55 #new

                                                the so called improved parking lot is a complete disaster..... far too tight and convoluted. I avoid the place unless it is an emergency, even then I think twice about it .
                                                Also the new stores just added are a complete disappointment..... what's next another 7/11 ???

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                                                1. liberum ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                  2010-04-18 17:41:02

                                                  I rarely go there anymore, Parking lot is terrible. Ive taken my business elsewhere even if I have to drive a bit.

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                                                  1. Allgauer ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                    2010-04-02 07:38:27

                                                    This parking lot is TERRIBLE. I have witnessed several accidents now. I'm not sure what was wrong with the way it was before. Most of the stalls are too narrow, the stupid concrete barriers at the end of each row make the stalls too short, the elimination of the left hand turn after you enter off of Como Lake is extremely inconvenient and forces people to drive through the parking stalls (if they're vacant). The only area where the parking lot is slightly more sensible (please note the

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                                                    1. Slip ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                      2010-03-15 03:29:56 #starbucks

                                                      i used to visit como lake starbucks on a daily basis, my main bank is the rbc there since the new parking lot came around ihaven't been near the starbucks maybe once every few months. i drive a little car and have worked in a car dealership for 4 years and have no trouble moving cars around tiny spaces and the fact that this parking lot makes me nervous can't be very good!!! i feel bad for whoever goes in there with a large truck or car..i am also in the process of changing banks mainly because i dont' want to have to go in there and fight a horribly designed parking lot. sadly the designers made a mistake and alot of small businesses that have been there for years are being affected by it. FIX IT!!!

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                                                      1. Awakening ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                        2010-03-13 17:20:47

                                                        Parking lot--POOR

                                                        I find that I go else where now just because of the new parking situation. Lot is so narrow and if you drive a truck its ridiculous trying to park.

                                                        Comment on Awakening's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                        1. Mamey ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                          2010-03-13 12:55:56 #foods

                                                          horrendous parking lot.
                                                          They could have done ALOT better with the mall than what they did. absolutely disappointed in the redesign. It's sad actually.
                                                          I'd go to Thrifty's or Extra Foods any day over No Frills.

                                                          Comment on Mamey's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                          1. This Shopping Mall has been great over the years but , with ... »more
                                                        2. Rockdell ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                          2010-03-06 12:40:53

                                                          It needs to be fixed. lanes are too narrow, parking spots are too tight and clutter is everywhere. too many un necessary add-ins, such as the trees.. what is going to happen when these grow bigger? Terrible! FIX IT!

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                                                          1. Bouchees ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                            2010-02-07 07:15:57

                                                            Whom ever was behind the parking plans didn't think things out very well. Very disappointed.
                                                            My two month old new car now a small dent and a 6 inch scratch on right rear side door, thanks to the small parking stalls.

                                                            Why didn't this P.L. planner make the parking stalls west/east, wouldn't this make more parking stalls and be safer for pedestrians as well? Hmmmm...

                                                            Oh, BTW an innocent person will probably be seriously injured or even killed crossing in front of the new

                                                            Comment on Bouchees's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                            1. Terrible, terrible parking lot. I rarely go there anymore unless it is very early in the morning. It's all very well to have large sidewalks and spaces for bushes or trees, but they forgot about the CARS. Who on earth would design this? With No Frills not taking Visa I don't even bother with this mall anymore. Change is not always for the good!

                                                              Comment on Gleichen's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                              1. yeah...yeah...yeah....people are guys that are complane too much...u never see the good things all you see is the bad things...then don't go shop there..who cares not the only customers....and by the way it's not the end of the world...gez!!!!get a life people!!!!

                                                                Comment on cupiditas's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                1. Birdshill ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                                  2010-01-27 03:49:59

                                                                  Hate the new parking lot. Road narrow and parking spots too small to park an SUV
                                                                  and you can't park close to mail a letter or return a movie.

                                                                  Comment on Birdshill's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                  1. i have went there forever.. it is a great place to shop but i hate the new grocery store.. i loved super value

                                                                    Comment on Nimaluge's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                    1. The Como Lake Village Shopping Centre used to be a neighbourhood hub with a full service supermarket that offered a deli, a bakery, good produce and a friendly staff who knew most of us. Now the flow of traffic is awkward, the supermarket is a cold yellow warehouse and I find myself going to Thrifty's which is further away. I rarely go to Shoppers Drug Mart anymore because of the parking, I go to the Royal Bank from the back alley but only when I really need to go, and I NEVER go to that discount food barn. I buy my produce and flowers elsewhere, and I've given up on the video store. Obviously, whoever made these changes lives outside of Coquitlam and didn't bother to do any research on what the neighbourhood would support. I won't say

                                                                      Comment on Tradeco's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                      1. The parking lot is a real mess unless you drive a smart car. I am glad super valu is gone as they were ripping us off with the prices they charged. I would shop at no frills except someone made the stupid decision to not take Visa. As I collect points on my visa and don't want a mastercard we will not be shopping there except for a milk and a few sale items. If they took Visa we would send a lot more at the store.

                                                                        Comment on Dragos's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                        1. Parking lot is awful and I can't even ask my kids to bike ride their anymore since it is so trecherous. Why was a discount store put in place over speciality organic or other speciality store selling higher end product? Even the Superstore on Lougheed is better than the No Frills! I used to frequent other small stores when I would run into Super Value but now I won't be shopping at Como Lake Village Shoping Centre any time soon.

                                                                          Comment on Cymbopogon's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                          1. Coza ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                                            2009-11-25 12:09:07

                                                                            No-frills store has very little variety of choice and is like a circus atmosphere. They only take Mastercard and NOT Visa! As for the ridiculous parking lot, it's beyond a joke. The parking stalls are narrow, more curbs than an obstacle course and the rows are too close together so reversing out of a stall is hard to do without hitting a parked car in the row behind. It had to be designed by Allen Funt!

                                                                            Comment on Coza's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                            1. Who designed the new parking lot ?????? I guess they think we all own Smar Cars.
                                                                              It's terrible! too small to many curbs too narrow. Lots of accident will happen there for now on.
                                                                              The No frills is the worst shopping experience. So cold. Nothing unique there. Super Valu was so nice and everybody that worked there were so friendly. Great choice was offer at the bakery and the deli before.
                                                                              We will never shop there again!

                                                                              Comment on Yorktang's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                              1. The parking is terrible.....who designed that parking lot anyway? The stalls are too narrow, the lanes are too narrow, the angles to turn are too awkward. The No-Frills store is an unpleasant shopping experience. I'd much rather go to Thrifty's. And finally, what is with those awnings they are putting up? How come they are not over the doors? All in all, it is a poorly designed mall without thought to the customer.

                                                                                Comment on PUTMAN's Review of Mundy Park Bakery
                                                                                1. Boublil ★ Poor 1 out of 5

                                                                                  2009-10-21 23:10:17

                                                                                  Used to have the best grocery store in the area (a privately owned Super Valu) that carried the best variety of unique brands - and had the best service. Owners of the mall thought better and blew the Super Valu off - and have now opened a discount food store in it's place. I will never shop in this mall again.

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